People frequently being bugged with botox treatment and most of us aware what’s good behind it. However, people rarely talk about hairtoxx treatment, and why is that? Well we all know it’s basically exclusive for hair, then the next big question is, WHAT IS HAIRTOXX? Tu put it in simpler terms, it’s similar with botox, whereby botox is for face and hairtoxx is for the hair. It basically means giving your hair an uplift and restore the beauty of the hair resulting in the epitome of hair goals that everyone deserves.

Originally, hairtoxx treatment is a full treatment that creates a shield for the hair against external factors, such as natural ones and also factors related to chemical procedures. It is so potent and significant in being a part of regular hair care routine because it not only acts as a shields against hair damage, but it becomes intermediary for complete hair recovery treatment. The treatment consist of recovering destroyed hair cuticle fibers to its natural state, removing all residue and buildup while promoting and maintaining hair texture such as softness, increases hair’s absorption potential, prevents hair from becoming dull and lifeless, and protecting the hair structure from inside-out.

We believe that every women have their own target in achieving their ideal hair goals and what it means for them. So deciding between having healthy hair or going blond in their aim to be more presentable they don’t have to worry because with hairtoxx treatment you can still have the best of both worlds. By opting for hairtoxx treatment consistently, it guarantees a safe transformation, avoiding problems like dryness, dullness, split-ends and brittle hair especially during bleaching, highlights, and balayage processes.

Not to forget, hairtoxx treatment which acts as a shield for hair cuticles during coloring definitely can provide protection with total security of the hair being reserved in a healthy state during the process of bleaching and coloring. It is a fact that while facing this bleaching and coloring process, most people might freak out! One of the most common thoughts is that it may be harmful and damaging to their hair. However, with hairtoxx treatment the sustaining of healthy hair will give you the peace and comfort while trying to achieve your goals, giving you total and creative freedom to proceed with hair coloring applications immediately after the bleaching service.

Besides, this hairtoxx treatment has become well known for being a protective medium against external factors involving chemical processes even for hair straightening. Straightening would be one of the most sought after process as it leaves your hair silky, smooth and beautiful. However, the chemical procedure that is used in this process will give a combo effect – the straightening effect often comes with some nasty side effects that damages the hair structure and cuticles. In fact, everything that contain chemical procedure will eventually decreases the level of moisturizing and reduces the amount of nutrients on the surface that it is being applied to. And this straightening chemical is no exception. However, on the other hand, by adding this hairtoxx treatment on your list while straightening, it does protect the sulfate bonds that is normally at risky in breakage during the procedure and will ultimately guarantee the health, smoothness and shine of the hair.

Last but not least, this hairtoxx treatment is completely compatible that it can be used as a shield in covering the hair from any damage, harmful factors and breakage. So if you tend to travel a lot and be exposed to different climates throughout the year, it is advisable to get this hairtoxx treatment to maintain healthy scalp and hair. Similarly if you are using any kind of chemical process such as straightening or coloring, this hairtoxx treatment is a lifesaver.

This hairtoxx treatment is formulated with Acai Berry that contains rich anthocyanin that provides lots of nutrients as a natural protective mechanism against the environmental stressor in being the key element of shielding the hair cuticle from any damages. The anti-oxidant capacity in this ingredient results in a deep hydration and rejuvenating of the hair cuticle. It acts as a full treatment for a complete recovery package on your hair which result in flawless locks and you can freely flaunt the beauty of your hair.



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